About me

Hello all.

My name is Ilya Portnov, i’m living in Magnitogorsk, Russia; area of interests - informational technologies.

Basically, this site is yet another home page.

Ilya V. Portnov, born 1984. At 2006 have finished physics and mathematics faculty of Magnitogorsk State University (`applied mathematics and informatics’ speciality) .

I’m working with Linux since 2003. Using Linux on all my computers as main system since 2005. Used to work as system administrator on my faculty for two years (there was a network, consisting of about 40 machines, and a server). I have some experience as administrator of web-servers and mail-servers.

I’m also a coordinator of Magnitogorsk Linux User Group.

I’m a programmer. contestant of several quater-finals of world programming championships (ACM ICPC, in Yekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk). Used to be a coach of MaSU’s sport programming teams for several years. I have extensive experience in development using Java, Python, Haskell, Perl, PHP programming languages; MySQL, Postgresql, Oracle databases.